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In Topic: Jet's staying! But SUKI.....

23 September 2010 - 07:28 PM

I'M SUKI'S MOM!!! dance_for_joy.gif

I posted and introduction in 2 of the other forum and a picture...funny you should mention the spikey_tongue2.gif because she has us ROLLING over here. She will come up and lick our legs or rub her nose on us and then we ask her "what" and she looks at us, all pretty like...with the tounge sticking out!! She is TOO cute and we love her already.

Karen, I just got off the phone with Mary....we talked forever, but I'll recap...

Suki is doing good. Still very skidish, which we expected. She has warmed up more to me than Alex, which we also expected. She will let us pet her and love on her, but only on her terms right now and we are fine with that.

She hasn't been eating well since Sunday, about 2 cups total (including tonight's meal). I have tried a little bit warm water, no water and SOUPY. She finally ate tonight (the half cup from this morning) but I drowned (is that a word) in water/super gravy and she ate it. Mary and I think it is both a combo of nerves and it is the adult formula. She is drinking water well and staying hydrated...I am going to try some super gravy tomorrow with maybe a bit of pumpkin on top. I will also get some plain yogurt for dinner too. If all else fails I will put some treats on it too LOL.....

While she isn't lathargic I can sense she is sad not having her family around her and her pack mates. I was thinking here in a few weeks, once we have had time to bond, we should get Izzy, Jet and Suki together again. I don't want to sabotage our bonding by seeing ya'll just yet thought. I hope you understand. Mary and I are going to get together with Abby and Mouse for a bit this weekend I think and socialize her and see if that helps.

I have to say what a great job you did fostering her and teaching her. She has not had one accident *knock on wood* and is so well mannered (maybe that is because she is still skidish?). When we are ready for bed all we have to say is "crate suki" and she goes right in. No fighing or bribeing with treats. Thank you so much for training her and loving her until I got here!!

I'm already contemplating fostering and possiably another one. I just love these guys so much!!!

I'll be lurking around, learning and listening ... thanks for having me and thanks for taking care of my girl until I could.....