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08 April 2010 - 02:19 PM

I sit here in my usual spot as I play on my laptop and look down at Porsche's lonely, empty bed. Its an old, worn out bed, but defiantly a loved bed. It was my mom's IG's (Tippy) bed before he passed away and Porsche claimed it as soon as he was gone. My mom had bought her a new pink ducky bed to fill the inside of the old bed where there was no more fleece left, and she loved it. Where ever Porsche went, whether on road trips with me to go visit my husband/her daddy, or to go down the road to Grandma's house, her bed went with. It would sit in the front seat, inside a basket so I could buckle her in and as soon as we got to our destination, it came inside. She would sit on that bed all day long as long as I was in her sights... Since the day she was 8 weeks old and I was 12 years old, and I picked her out of her crate at the airport, she never left my side. She became my best friend. I was the youngest of two and the only girl in the neighborhood, so Porsche did everything with me. I couldn't even take a shower unless she was in there on a wash rag. It drove my parents crazy when I had to go somewhere and leave her behind because she would cry none stop till I was back with her. It was no little whimper, it was full blown bloody murder, WHERE IS MY MOMMY cries. As soon as I got back inside so she could see me, she would start to howl and bark and be so excited to see me again. I use to howl with her to see how long she would go and she would do it as long as I would howl with her. Years later I joined the Military and got shipped off to Basic for three months. It was a hard time for both my mom and Porsche. She thought I had abandoned her, but my mom was always there for her. Porsche to my mom was an extension of me, which was good because it was a hard time for my mom while I was gone. I think during that time my mom and Porsche really bonded, Grandma and grand-daughter. When I moved away for awhile, I think my mom was more heart broke that I took Porsche away from her then me leaving, lol. Porsche touched everyone's heart, she was the cutest and sweetest little dog. I was an animal lover so I brought home lots of them and everyone Porsche would try to nurse all of them, cats, squirrels, goats, anything that needed loving. She never had puppies but was a mother to a lot of animals... I look at her empty bed and am thankful God took her when he did. At 6 o'clock yesterday, my mom came home and we talked to Porsche, held her, loved her, and let her know everything was ok. She watched us, and it was like she knew she could go now, she was happy, she had her mom and Grandma with her. At 8:30 I was getting ready to go to work and I walked over to tell her bye, and she looked at me, and took her last breath. I picked her up and held her for awhile. My mom and I buried her next to Tippy, she was in her favorite pink shirt that said Porsche on the bottom of it, wrapped up in her finding nemo blanket, three of her favorite toys, and her daddy had giving her a Greenie when he was visiting and she never ate it so we put it with her. Today my mom and I are going to get some flowers to put on her grave...
The hardest part of her gone will be coming home to no howling welcomes, no one to follow me around everywhere I go, no one to hog the bed with at night, no one to take road trips with, and a lonely pink duck bed... I will miss my shadow, she was my best friend for 11 years. Good bye Porsche, I will see you on the other side my friend...

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Tippy and Porsche
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She loved the camera
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Everyone loved Tippys bed
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Porsche was the only dog at my Basic Graduation to have her own Drill SGT hat
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Me and Porsche back in 2001
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I went to a trade days thing and she had to go, she stayed in the pack the whole time
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Porsche and I when I moved to Georgia, my co-pilot