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Member Since 29 Dec 2009
OFFLINE Last Active Jun 24 2012 07:49 AM

Blog Entries

OKIgglets' Blog > broken tail?

Posted 13 March 2010

so on thursday 3-11-2010 Starbuck didn't eat breakfast, and had a rumbly tummy, I went to do my hair and came home 6 hours later, tried to feed her again, didn't work, she started acting funny, rolling her back up and arching weird, walking funny, and sometimes side ways.  then I noticed that the tip of her tail was bent in half!  she was NOT...

OKIgglets' Blog > FLEAS! and E-Vets

Posted 05 February 2010

So I saw 2 FLEAS on my couch a few days ago!!!!  so I instantly run to the kitchen where I have some left over flea medication from living with Daniel's parents.  All the cats, the ferret, and both the dogs.  Well about 10 hours after application Panga woke up in the middle of the night and she couldn't breathe.  It didn't sound...

OKIgglets' Blog > mama me

Posted 31 January 2010

I'm so grateful for my girls.  They keep me sane when Daniel is gone all day.  Let's see, there most recent excursion was last night. the roads were Icy and my best friend Keelie came over and picked up the pups and myself and we cooked dinner together and watched miss America.  Half way through the show I went to go see what they were up to and...

OKIgglets' Blog > ig's, babies, adoption, diapers, BLAH!

Posted 26 January 2010

So this Blog is more like a public online diary to me than anything.  So here goes:  I've been seeing female specialist for years and having ultrasounds every three months.  I have a condition that can cause infertility, but the Doctor's won't know anything till I start trying to conceive.  Well I'm not ready for that yet because I'm not...

OKIgglets' Blog > A Day at HazelJane's

Posted 24 January 2010

SO today was a tough day, i had a lot going on at work and I wanted to go shoot some video and stills of the adoptable Italian Greyhounds at HazelJane's Rescue.  Daniel met me there with the girls, and Panga was quite overwhelmed to be in a living room with 14 Iggies.  She cried a bit but then we went outside and she had a bit more fun.  Maggie, the...