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Ripley passed away suddenly Hemangiosarcoma 12-28-14

30 December 2014 - 01:26 PM

Hello Friends,


This is very difficult for me to write about now. Ripley passed away 2 days ago on December 28th. It came on suddenly for us. He had Hemangiosarcoma but with all his testing and ultrasounds recently we thought he was clear. I had even taken him to the Holistic Vet for herbs and acupuncture along with his Chemo, he was almost done with. He was doing so well these last 3 months so we thought. He suddenly became ill on Sunday afternoon after eating a bowl of chicken and going outside to pee. We think that he had Hemangiosarcoma in his heart or spine and he bled to death when it ruptured. The found blood all pooled around his heart on the ultrasound. They tried to revive him but with no luck. I knew he was terminal all along but we thought he would live another year if we were lucky. This disease is so horrible and you don't know it's there until it's too late.


Ripley was our BIg Boy. He wasn't your normal IG. He was 25 pounds and he loved to play hard. He loved the water, chasing squirrels, car rides, the park, and being a DOG dog. He had just turned 13 years old in November. We got him at 2 years old after  they had shown him some and decided to not finish him. He was JC courser and he loved to chase things. He had a high prey drive and could be really bossy and demanding. The house is so quite without him now. He lived with his cousin Savvy most of the time (the blind dog). They were buddies. Ripley was Savvy's alert system and his eyes. They played really hard together as young dogs 1 and 2 years old before Savvy lost his sight to PRA at 5 years old. Then Ripley took care of his buddy mostly after that. I called them my 2 peas in a pod. The boys always stuck together. Savvy is lost right now. I let him smell Ripley so he would know he was gone. He seemed to know because he's more quiet now. Savvy needs Ripley's touch so much because he constantly licked him and cuddled him. I'm going to have to find a way to put him with Dee somehow. Gelo is too rough and may scratch his prosthetic eyes again. Gelo likes to paw at things a lot.


Ripley loved Christmas and all his Secret Santa toys. He has a blast. I got many pictures and videos for memories but it doesn't seem like enough now. Maybe in a few months I'll want to go through them. He loved his "Wurst Christmas Sausage Toy" from Wendy and his "Gouda Cheese Toy". He chewed them up totally. He would only eat Babybel Cheese when having Chemo treatments a few times, so we laughed about getting the cheese toy.


I have so many memories of Ripley after having him 11 years. He loved to lick my face when I said, "Give me kissies". He was the smarted of all the dogs. He would obey commands and I taught him so many tricks. He loved to work for food. He was my rough and tough boy. I thought he was so tough and would live forever or at least until 16 I always said. I'm just in shock about him leaving so suddenly. I keep seeing him in my arms and feeling helpless. I wish I could of acted faster for him. I thought it was his IVDD back acting up again. I know there was nothing I could of done, but you always wonder, "what if". He had a great live full of clothes, toys, family and help me open and close a "dog boutique". He loved Iggy Playdates in Seattle. We went to Cannon Beach, OR many times and he loved traveling. He was my buddy and I will miss him so much.


Rest in peace my sweet Ripley. You know I love you because I've told you so many times you were a "special boy". Even though I always referred to you as the troublemaker  you were just different and a DOG dog. I know I'll overcome my grief someday, but losing you was shocking to me even though your were technically terminal. One minute playing and the next minute gone. At least you went with no pain as I know this disease can be extremely painful. And I didn't have to make the decision for you due to too much pain. I'm grateful for that part. So maybe you knew something I didn't sweet boy.


We had so many names for you. Ripper Roo, Rippers, RIP, Troublemaker, Doo Dah Man, Rippy Doodah, Doodah, Roo. They all fit you so perfectly. I'm gonna miss my BIG BOY. I love you Rippers. Thanks for sharing your life with me. It made mine 100% better just having you in it. You'll be in my heart forever and you will never leave me. That I know for sure.



Ripley and PJ were my JOY this year, I will miss them both terribly. Losing them both in 3 months has been hard but I know in my heart they lived fabulous lives.