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Member Since 14 Feb 2009
OFFLINE Last Active Oct 10 2010 06:58 AM

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The Lexington Zoo > In the Face of Rage... ...RUN!

Posted 14 January 2010

Feb. 17th

Jolt had never run so fast in his very short life.

But then again, fleeing for his life through the halls of the Autobot base was by far worth watching the EPIC LOOK OF INTENSE, VILLAGE-BURNING RAGE on Ratchet's face after the Chevrolet Volt brained him between the optics with a paintball from a gun he built himself .... was...

The Lexington Zoo > the s.ee.ds of [destruction] II

Posted 09 January 2010

Getting a great view as the first explosions tore up from the city below, Coldfront took several moments to simply watch. This was more like it, no more of just sneaking around in shadows. Sure, he knew enough about the matter of combat to know that it needed planning, even if he left that to those who could do it. And who'd give out...

The Lexington Zoo > the s.ee.ds of [destruction]

Posted 06 January 2010

MARCH 15th, 2010

12:01 AM

Las Vegas.

The city that never sleeps.

The words rang true so sharply that it was difficult at times for Barricade to believe. The humans had a very strict 24 hour schedule that coincided with their planet's solar cycle; the sun came up, most of the insects woke, and went to work; the sun went down,...

The Lexington Zoo > Wild Pony

Posted 31 August 2009

Blake is an eleven year old mustang gelding.  He's steady and smooth, and I'd trust a raw beginner on his back.  He's also great on the ground, picking up his feet at a tap on his pastern (ankle area, for non-horse people), letting you brush him mirror-glossy, all while standing there and drooling in content.  But he has a History.

My handsome...

The Lexington Zoo > Seven Years

Posted 29 August 2009

Seven years ended yesterday.

I... don't really know what to do.

The house seems empty without Den around.  I never saw it coming, never expected it to happen.  

Morgan's pissed.  She says that Den signed a contract--our lease--and agreed to pay one quarter of the rent for a year, even though for the most part, I paid it since I made more, and...