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My last night with the Twins

27 March 2015 - 11:11 PM

Fostering these guys has been wonderful! They are so good and I am sad that I can't adopt them.
I made promises to myself and Gerry that we wouldn't adopt for at least a year after Razzo passed.
We have extensive travel plans for this year etc.
Now, it is time to head back to NY and they haven't gotten adopted yet. Shy (Sheyenne) and Dilly (Dillinger) will be going to another foster home tomorrow. They have blossomed so much. They now play with toys! They love meal time now too. They are so good, the only barrier to a quick adoption is the idea that we'd like them to stay together.
I will miss them so much

I'm a foster...times two!

09 January 2015 - 07:33 PM

Lots happened really quickly here. I offered to be a foster home and a week later here I am with....drumroll....
The Minesotta Twins! No they aren't twins or even related , we think, but they are from Minesotta.
They were given up by a family who drove them to Arizona so they could get into rescue in a warmer climate, and while that was nice the home situation was'nt the best.
They are now laying on the couch wrapped around each other like an Iggy pretzel.
They need baths and some dental care, the girl needs to be spayed too. We'll be taking care of that in the next few weeks....wish us luck as a foster family!
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Razzo, our boy and heart 11/21/2014

21 November 2014 - 08:13 AM

Razzo was less than a month shy of his 13th birthday.
We had him since he was 4 months old.

My dear love Gerry bought him from a pet store. We saw him there but I said no...no matter how cute and sad he looked in that cage we couldn't get him from a pet store.
Well a few days later Gerry comes home with this blue ribboned pup in his arms...I was shocked and almost had him returned... But the look on Gerry's and Razzo's faces was hard to say no to...I often tell Gerry that getting Razzo was the best mistake he ever made.
Razzo had lots of the pet store pup problems, poor social skills ( with other dogs, he loved all people) and he hated a crate.... And later he had a lot of health issues, auto immune etc.

But he was the sweetest and most even tempered pup you could ever want ( as long as you weren't a large dark dog). He always greeted people with a toy in his mouth, and never de stuffed a one. He was so smart too, learned everything quickly, excellent potty habits...he would do anything for a treat. He was a great travel buddy, he went everywhere we did. He was a foster dad to quite a few kittens too. In his entire time with us ( outside of his hospital stays) he had only been without us both one night.

He slept with us...and tried to eat with us, well really Gerry, his nose was always in Gerry's plate...Gerry is the softy in the family.
We never thought that getting Razzo would change our lives so much. Having Razzo introduced us to two of our closest friends, having Razzo made our early retirement years more fulfilling than we imagined they could be, having Razzo got us through some tough times too.
He was our little boy, our heart. Through him we found IGPost and then IGWhispers and all the fantastic people who helped each other through all the ups and downs of the Iggy world.
It may be a long time before we are ready to bring another pup into our lives but I know the memory of Razzo and his cyber friends will never fade.
Sleep my little prince, you are in our hearts forever.
Razzo Sulla Luna 12/19/2001 to 11/21/2014