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Member Since 25 Nov 2008
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Blog Entries

iggielover's Blog > Surgery again :(

Posted 21 November 2010

Good and bad news.  I have to have surgery again.  I had 2 in June and they  were emergency surgeries and in the hospital for 2 weeks ans in 2 different hospitals.  Now the last surgery to finish every thing they started this summer.  And to fix some things.  It's a long operation  3-5 hours.  In hospital at least 1 week and then 3-4 months recovery at...

iggielover's Blog > Saw the vet :)

Posted 14 February 2009

Saw the vet this week.  She was very happy with Gracies teeth and gums.  Said to keep up the good work.  I am now brushing one day the next I use Pet Life Oral Care Gel, and I use solution in water to help with tarter also.  Been doing this for 3 - 4 weeks now.  Her teeth are so much whiter.  Rest of vet visit went well.  No problems at all.

iggielover's Blog > Gums improving

Posted 04 February 2009

I have been brushing every other day and flossing every day.  The gums are looking better.  The tarter is coming off the teeth and the gums are not bleeding hardly at all.  She lets me do it too, which I am so thankful for.  We are to see the vet this month and have her check them and see what she thinks.

iggielover's Blog > Gracie's Gum problem

Posted 18 January 2009

Was looking at Grace's teeth the other day and noticed the front teeth look funny up by the gums.  At first I thought it was cavities but upon better looking she has reseeding gums in front.  She is not due to see the vet till May.  And I am on disability and barly make it every month.  I need to take her to get checked but how much will it cost and I...