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Training Success

Posted by sonic0911, 26 February 2012 · 1,732 views

Hey All IG lovers,

I just wanted to share some training success I have had with my Little Dash. At first he only knew sit and that was it, but now he Lies down, Touchs, and even gives a high 5. This is honestly all thanks to the wonderful people on this forum so THANK YOU.

He learnt touch real fast, and it is an easy trick to teach, You just hold out your hand and say touch and he will sniff your hand and then you give him a treat, adventually when you hold our your hand and say touch he will touch your hand. This is great because it works when you want their attention so thank you Dawondergirls for the help with this trick.

He also learnt Lie down when we started to do it on the carpet, then he pick it up no problem. So thank you to everyone who suggested trying to do it on the carpet or a blanet.

We are slowing learning give me a high 5, which he sometimes does and sometimes just looks at me like "yeah right I am not doing that", but its coming and I cant wait till he actually does it.

Thanks again to everyone who made suggestions I apprecaite the help.

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