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broken tail?

Posted by OKIgglets, 13 March 2010 · 4,906 views

so on thursday 3-11-2010 Starbuck didn't eat breakfast, and had a rumbly tummy, I went to do my hair and came home 6 hours later, tried to feed her again, didn't work, she started acting funny, rolling her back up and arching weird, walking funny, and sometimes side ways. then I noticed that the tip of her tail was bent in half! she was NOT acting herself so we took her to the e-vet. He didn't listen to anything except put a splint on her tail and give us some pain meds. that night i got her to eat a can of chicken and then her bowl of puppy food. she then had hershey squirts every where. Then on Friday Daniel and I came home from work and there were 6 drops of blood on the floor but we couldn't find a scratch on either dog and no blood around their bottoms. then today I found 2 drops when I came home from work.
Starbuck won't stop messing with the tip of her splint so I started taking it off, well, the entire end of her tail is now bloody and gross, poor thing has been licking it all night. I'm stressing, is there more to this than the tail break? poor Starbuck. I wanna take her to a second vet nd see what they say, we'll see what tomorrow holds..and I have to go in for my monthly Dr.'s appt. and I'm not looking forward to that either

Hi - A couple of things flew out at me reading your post. First is that if Starbuck won't leave the tail alone, its probably time for the dreaded "cone" - an E-collar. Poor guy - but it'll help.

I have two boys that both develop rumbly tummies when stressed and the absolute only thing they can tolerate they have an episode is plain boiled chicken breast and rice - and MAYBE lowfat cottage cheese. Neither of them started out with sensitive stomachs, but they certainly do now. The older of my two boys tends toward IBS - although very rarely now as we are generally able to prevent stomach upsets. He would get what we call "screaming diarrhea" and would sometimes bleed a few drops as you described. The digestive tract just become totally inflamed! It was obviously excrutiating - hence the "screams." Metronidazole works for acute bouts, but now we strike early with plain kaopectate or immodium - just a tiny dose. Ask your vet - or better yet, find another that is more attentive.
Other than stress, SALT and FAT are two triggers. Canned chicken might be dicey if it has too much sodium.

As soon as we hear a noisy tummy, we break out a little immodium and then off to the store for a family pack of chicken breast to boil. What fun.

I hope you were able to get the tail to heal!
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When sighthounds break their tail (and particularly if it bleeds), then it often won't heal. Had a similar experience with a whippet - tried the splint and healing, it often doesn't work because the bones are small and the blood/skin supply not good enough. You may be facing amputation of the tip. Sorry sad.gif. cheers Deb
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