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How You Like Me Now?

Posted by Louie, 17 February 2010 · 2,297 views

Italian Greyhounds, puppies, dogs, adventures, thoughts, issues
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What a lie. Whoever said that those that sleep with dogs will rise with fleas have never had a sleepover with my pals.
“I think it’s even an Italian proverb,” Mea said between a yawn, stretching her vocal chords as her mouth opened to expose her pearly whites. “We’re Italian Greyhounds and we’re living proof. Plus, we always sleep next to each other. It’s the way we know how to preserve body heat and keep warm.”
“So what are we going to do now?,” Gregio asked behind his sunglasses. He had already gotten up and was doing his morning stretches. “I feel like getting a coffee and kicking it a cafe. Something. We really need to do something today.”
“Why do you wear shades?,” Karma asked, stepping over Lexi who was still lounging. “We’re sight dogs.”
“That probably explains why you’re always walking into things,” Stella snickered.
“I really want to do something today,” Zoey said hurriedly, giving a nod to Gregio. “The sun’s out and we’re inside. What’s wrong with this picture?”
“I remember when we used to do fun things,” Mea chimed back in. “Remember all the adventures we used to go on? Now it’s all about the Beefy Snack Club and Xanderleus. Boring.”
“What do you mean?,” I asked incredulously. “Is this mutiny? I was doing it for us and giving us purpose. What in the world would you want to do?”
Karma was flipping channels and the Kia Sorento commercial came on. It was first broadcast during the Super Bowl but was really cool. Everyone gathered around to watch and bobbed their heads to the music.
“See what I mean?,” Mea said at its conclusion. “Even a sock monkey is having fun. Did you see how the robot had people dancing with him in Vegas? I remember when we used to do that stuff.”
“Yeah, but we’re not sock monkeys and I’ve seen Gregio dance,” I fought back but Mea had a point. I had been so consumed with figuring out our origin of consciousness that I got tunnel vision. I didn’t want to lose my friends in this pursuit. I had to come up with something fast. I was always able to think on my paws.
Gregio began to do his three circles before lying down. It was during his second turn that he began to mutter something under his breath.
“This is going to take forever,” he growled. “Let’s just give into pop culture’s influences.”
Just then, a light came on. Why don’t we just give into pop culture? What are dogs doing these days? Weren’t we always the trendsetters anyway?
“Why don’t we just go to Vegas then,” Zoey suggested as she wagged her tail. All the others howled their approval. “Vegas, baby.”
“Could we spare the clichés, though,” Abby said. “I don’t think I can take it.”
“How can you go to Vegas and not have clichés?,” Gregio asked. “I’m going to get my stuff. Vegas, here we come!”
“Alright, let’s coordinate this thing,” I said while lifting my paw in an authoritative manner. “I’ll drive, Gregio works the brake and Abby can work the gas.”
“But I want to work the gas,” Gregio whined.
“Yeah, but we want to get there alive,” Karma remarked. “I got shotgun and then I get to drive next.”
"Hey Mea," I shouted. "We're going on an adventure. How you like me now?"
We all looked over at Abby who was scratching her ear with her back leg. She stopped when she noticed everyone looking at her in horror.
“Okay, you’re never going to believe me but I was hanging out with these dogs the other day,” she began sheepishly. “I'm thinking a flea dip before the trip is a good idea.”
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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Maybe a wedding by Elvis? A trip to they Puppy Ranch...not!
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hahaha! This is too cute! (and the picture is of Fin's favorite toy!)
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