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Rainy days

Posted by , 20 May 2008 · 597 views

Zoe taught me a very valuable lesson last night. It was all rainy and nasty out and I failed to get her on our customary long walk. She was a stinker last night, back to the wild girl she was before and not settling to sleep like she did the day before. I think she is a girl that a long exercise session is crucial for! I think I need to just buy her and me a raincoat and go walk no matter what!

Another thing to note was on our potty walk her limp came back with the rain. In fact she was even doing it on the pavement, which was all puddled. I hadn't seen the limp when it was dry, so it is really looking like she may not like getting all 4 paws wet. I'll still mention it to the vet at her spay tomorrow just to be safe

LOL, yeah a rain coat is pretty much a necessity if you're going to have an IG potty outside - they HATE the rain!! When we got Jack, we had a "No dressing up our dog" rule. That pretty much went out the window the first time we tried to walk him in the rain - he was sooooooooooooo pathetic!!
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Just found this site so not sure how people check the old posts - you guys must live somewhere warmer than us to even contemplate the 'don't dress up the dog rule'! Even my beloved boyfriend of only working ranch dog experience will put clothes on our Jack with (marginal) complaint -- okay mostly doing it while making fun of the pansy muppet dog :-)

Anyways I have found that making a brief sojourn just enough to 'show them' how awful the weather is, is sometimes enough to ease their little minds -- okay I would MUCH rather be in the house and be calm now! That and we love the treadmill and clicker training with the cat but we've lived in Wyoming and Washington --- BRRRRR!
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