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A little bit of progress

Posted by AnIGma, 27 July 2012 · 2,097 views

I can tell that things will progress slowly with Harry. He is very shy and untrusting. On the other hand he is docile and will do what he is shown to do. For instance I can manipulate him to sit on my lap, slowly but surely. But he gets really scared and cringes if I try bending towards him, to pick him up for instance.

When he is loose in the house, Harry finds the nearest piece of furniture and hides under it. But I was surprised today, when I went to the washroom I looked out the door and there was Harry, peering in to see what I was doing! As soon as I approached him he backed away and then went back to hiding under furniture in the living room, but the fact that he followed me when I left the room means he misses me when I leave and wants to see what I'm up to.

We did have a pee accident though, quite a lake! I didn't see him do it but I knew it was him. I said nothing, just wiped it up and sprayed the spot with enzyme pet spot cleaner.

Now we are at my partner's house. Harry eagerly ran around checking things out. My cats don't bother him, though one spits and swats if Harry gets too close. The cats were fascinated with Harry's crate and commandeered it - one inside, the other on top. We had to shoo them away to put Harry in his crate!

I was watering plants on the deck and Harry followed me as I went round. My partner thought maybe it was because Harry was thirsty. But no, he stood behind me for several minutes as I picked dead flower heads off of one hanging basket. I think he just wants to be near people.

When I walk them it's obvious that this dog has hardly ever been walked on a leash. He gets hopelessly tangled and darts back and forth around and between my legs. That's ok, he will learn. Now that I'm aware of Harry's inexperience I will keep the leash somewhat taut and be very mindful of what he's doing - even though I have a spazzy Chihuahua on the other leash, it can be done!

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