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Surgery again :(

Posted by iggielover, 21 November 2010 · 2,082 views

Good and bad news. I have to have surgery again. I had 2 in June and they were emergency surgeries and in the hospital for 2 weeks ans in 2 different hospitals. Now the last surgery to finish every thing they started this summer. And to fix some things. It's a long operation 3-5 hours. In hospital at least 1 week and then 3-4 months recovery at home. I should be home by christmas so that is one good thing. My roommate usually goes to family for christmas is staying home to be with me to help me out. I'm so thankful for her. I really don't have family who care so she and her family has become my family. So nice.

Gracie is doing well. I do worry about her and me being sick. She got sick the last time I was in the hospital for 2 weeks, I think she missed me. She had a Dental in Sept. and lost 10 teeth, very bad mouth breath and gingivitous. So back to daily brushing. I am using finger brushes now. Gracie lets me into her mouth better. So hopefully we can keep more teeth :wave:

Gerri,I will send good positve thought to you. I know Gracie will miss you a lot so I will keep sending a lot of love to her,too. Please take care of yourself and when you recover well after the surgery,let us hear from you again!!
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You and Gracie are in my prayers. I hope you do well with your surgery and I hope Gracie makes out OK in your absence. I know you two will miss each other terribly.
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Gerri, I am praying for calmness of spirit, mind, and body for you and your surgery team. I pray for your full recovery to good health. And for dear Gracie, I pray that she will miss you, but be content until your return. Might you call her and while your roomie holds the phone to her ear, give Gracie your verbal love and encouragement?
Once Ems was quite distressed when Wen had to leave her in the car while she went into the store. Wen called me and then putting her cell phone on speaker & leaving it in the car....went into the store for 15 min. or so. I chatted with Ems and showered love upon her.....long distance....and she was content.
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Oh, Gerri--I just read this. So sorry you're dealing with MORE (!) surgery--hope the doctors do an exceptional job and that it is not as complicated as they expect...and that your recovery is quick and complete. I'm praying for you and little Gracie--
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I will be thinking about you & Gracie both....lots of love coming to you from me & Remington in Oklahoma! You are so fortunate to have such a great roommate. So sorry you have to deal with more surgery, but I bet you will be on a quick road to recovery. Besides, Gracie will miss you! Take care of yourself & please let us know how you are doing. Happy Holidays!
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