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Canine compasion

Posted by letumrun, 22 November 2008 · 512 views

I have mentioned Zoe is my heart dog. She has proven this recently to the nth degree. I have mentioned my father died November 9th. I have reacted to his death strongly, I was his only daughter, we worked together, we vacationed togther as a family, and opon his diagnosis, we would spend a great dael of time together, My family has dealt with a great deal of hardship together, but has grown stronger through it all.

Having 5 dogs in house at this time - a time when I feel like becoming a recluse) has been straining. They don't understand the sorrow. They still want to play, their needs must be met in every way. Yet, one dog, seems to understand. Zoe. She cuddles and kisses, she doesn't bark and beg to play. She jumps on the bed and scratches at the covers inviting me in to lay for a while. As if to say "Rest you head momma Life can continue in a bit. For now we can sit and just be" Then she will curl up right next to me take a deep breath and close her eyes.
In a short while, she will life her head and look at me, lick my face and tell me in her own way its time to move on. Her tail will staart wagging and I know she is right. She is healing my heart a little bit at a time. Her spirit is so big for such a little dog. She carries me through those sad days -(Its strange what triggers the tears. Why they play Christmas music in early Novemebr is beyond me)
During those times when life has you down, its good to be thankful for those little hearts beating next to yours. Their shoulders are stronger than one might think.

Meg, I wish I could ease your pain during this holiday season. I'm sure you're anxious to be on the other side of it. Keep Momma strong Zoe.
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I can so relate to you Meg. On Dec. 4th, it will be 2 years since my Father passed. I worked very closely with him for 5 years. Today, at Thanksgiving, my Mom set a place for him at the dinner table, as she has done since he passed. My sister and I send him birthday cards and an Anniversary card to both our Mom and Dad. I send roses to my Mom on their Anniversary....from my Dad....as he always did. She reads all the cards to him by his ashes and updates him on how the family is doing. All these things are important to her and my sister and I understand her need to still make our Dad a part of our lives. We all miss him terribly.

I am happy that Zoe has given you what you need at this time.....they absolutely sense our pain.
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