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Zoe my rescue baby rescued us too.

Posted by , 02 December 2009 · 1,475 views

Every day living with the Zoe monster is an adventure. She is like an active toddler, always into something interesting. Sometimes she is content to snuggle in the sweetest way. She asks to have her ears sniffled and is in doggie heaven when I do. When she wants to sleep under the covers she'll bark at me as she lays there, hoping I'll either pull her in my lap or cover her with a blanket. Did I mention she's spoiled? She's settled into our lives completely and I can't imagine not having her.

She amazed me recently. My husband and I are divorcing after 14 years of marriage. When we sat the kids down to tell them there were naturally tears. Zoe crawled in each of my children's laps in turn and comforted them as best as her little doggie soul knew how. She even had them laughing at her antics as she put her paws on their shoulders and hugged them in her way.

Some people have to give up their pets when they divorce. That seems like exactly when they should be loving them all the more.

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