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Training Miko! (Entry #1)

Posted by Alessia, 02 June 2012 · 2,252 views

training clicker puppy
May 25, 2012
Sessions are usually no longer than a few minutes and always a lot of fun Posted Image. We always end a session on a note of success with lots of praise and play time. We only move on to a new behavior once there isn't any confusion about the previous one.

May 22- respond to clicker
May 23- respond to clicker revised
May 24- first "sit" session
May 25- "sit" revised; first "touch" session

I'm a big fan of clicker training, which is what I'm using to train Miko. I never force him to do anything Posted Image
I like the methods used by Victoria Stilwell and Kyra Sundance Posted Image

May 26, 2012
May 26- "sit" revised; "touch" revised; learned "stand" and "jump" Posted Image
He catches on fast and especially loves his new "jump" trick Posted Image
Phil recorded me training Miko this afternoon... here is the video! Posted Image
I prefer to free-shape the behaviors, so "down" hasn't been learned yet. We tried shaping it, but he's not getting it yet. Meanwhile, we focus on the behaviors he WANTS to give and encourage that.

Here is the video of sit, stand, jump, and touch. Enjoy! Posted Image

June 1, 2012
We have added new words to Miko's vocabulary! He is 11 weeks old.
Words he now knows:

Sit, Stand, Jump, Touch, Spin, Down, Crate, Leave It, Out, Come, Let Go (if a toy/object is in his mouth and I want him to give it to me).

He performs the best when I'm sitting on the floor. We are working on having him respond to the behaviors while I'm standing up. We are slowly weaning him off the kibble rewards as he gets better at it. We're still working on adding distance between me and the crate, and where he is when I ask him to come. So far he'll come if he's bored, but he won't respond if he's too entertained playing with a toy. I might need to make the reward something of higher-value for the "Come" recall.

We've also been working on leash training indoors to prepare for when he can go out with me for walks. So far, so good. It's natural for puppies to want to follow, so he's naturally at my heels at all times.

We need to work on "Stay" and "Back Up" soon. If we're in the hallway he has now gained the confidence to make his way downstairs alone to explore without us. So having "Stay" and "Back Up" might help curb his desire to go downstairs unattended. These might also need higher-value rewards to be successful. He likes his kibble enough to work for it, so that's what I've been using... But I'll start incorporating some other treats for the more important behaviors.

Fantastic training....you and Miko make a great team
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oh wow! this is impressive. i'm going to begin clicker training today!
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