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James Bond IG

Posted by sonic0911, 24 February 2012 · 551 views

Hey All,

Getting my first IG has been interesting I am sure learning a lot about the breed. Yesterday I am pretty sure Dash thought he was James bond or something. He is hilarious and so full of energy at times, and yesterday he had a little extra. Well here is what happened. My husband and I were making dinner while Dash was being his little self and running around trying to be a vacuum around the kitchen until he got bored I guess and went off causing trouble along his way.

Now I guess I should explain the layout of our living room to give you a clean picture of what he decided he was going to do. We have a chair by the window so he can look outside, and then next to the chair is our couch but the couch is about 2 feet from the chair. Then next to our couch on the other side is his crate, which is just far enough for the door to open. SO now that you have a picture of what our living room looks like I will tell you how Dash decided to become James bond.

For some reason I decided to see what he was up to, because he seems to get into a lot of trouble when we aren’t paying attention to him. So I turned around to see and this is what I saw. Dash ran to the chair looked out the window for a second jumped from the chair onto the couch's arm rest, ran up the head board of the couch onto the other arm rest and then proceed to jump into his crate, which he then missed the opening and smacked right into the side. Well I guess he decided that because he didn’t achieve his goal of getting into his crate he decided to do it all over again, this time he got in but smacked his head off the top of the crate. He did this a couple more times until he tired himself out and went to sleep. I hope he doesn’t have brain damage. WHAT A NUT.

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