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Good Morning @_@

Posted by Samma, 21 May 2009 · 201 views

If you're reading this, you're obviously desperately bored, and for that, you've got my sympathies. But you might as well get to know the major players in this blog.

First, you've got me. I've been described as the person who takes the direct route, no detours, get there as fast as possible, but if the water is deep and I don't know what's in there, I go around. I'm a 22 year old Michigan native, though I spent a lot of time in northern Pennsylvania as a kid, and now I live in Lexington, Kentucky.

Next, you have my wife, Den. We've been together for seven years as of last April. She lost her job in October, and in November, moved to Kentucky where she got a job as an assistant manager in a restaurant (I was bound by our lease to stay in Michigan until January. Hardest four months of my life). Den is steady and placid, and extremely creative. She does excellent computer art, and makes corsets from her own patterns.

Then there's Morgan, known as the Feesh. She's from the Tampa area in Florida, a real fiery woman of 21. She works in the pet industry, and has handled (and been bitten by) every type animal you can think of. She's also the resident expert on horses, very smart, and a very talented writer. Feesh is my business partner in our venture to buy our own horse--life is a lot cheaper going halves on everything.

Finally, there's Rachel, but we call her Moonie, due to the fact that she's a terrible insomniac. She's the oldest of us, at "twenty-nine ish!" and does her best to keep up with us. Mostly, she keeps the house under control while the rest of us work our butts off. She's calm and has the longest fuse of any human I've ever seen. She doesn't shoot down our crazy ideas, but tempers them with logic, making an ideal rock of sense for us to live on. Being from Colombia, and then Boston, and finally Seattle, Washington, she's seen more of the country than the rest of us put together.

So. We're four women of different worlds, coming from points across the country to live and work together. So far, life is wonderful.

Next update will be to chronicle the zoo itself.

It sounds like "life is good"...kudos to you all for coming together and making it work.
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