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Food Fight!

Posted by Louie, 04 September 2009 · 666 views

Italian Greyhounds, puppies, dogs, adventures, thoughts, issues
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I wonder what’s on the menu today? We were standing in line, slowly shuffling our paws forward to where the meals were being doled out. The lunch lady looked grumpy; as if she wished she was somewhere else. If only she knew her power. An extra nugget of food meant all the world and she had total control.

But what was really the best part of lunch was dessert time. That’s when the lunch lady went around and put a dollop of peanut butter on our noses and we would all eagerly lick it off. Gregio was overzealous one day and chomped at her finger, causing the gooey delight to stick on the roof of his mouth. You should have heard him talk!

After getting my lunch (she was kind to me today- two extra nuggets!) I found a seat with Gregio and the girls. They were all chatting and the current gossip was on what clubs were the best and who, of course, were the cutest dogs in each.

“Have you seen Luke yet?,” Deja nudged Mea who was licking her chops to get that last kernel from her back teeth. Luke was captain of the Dog Squad and the most popular at school. “He’s a dreamboat! I’m definitely going out for cheerleading. Maybe he’ll notice me.”

“He’s like a senior,” Zoey interrupted. “There’s no way he would go for you. He’s way out of your league.”

“Deja and Luke, sitting in a tree,” Lexi teased. “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a puppy with a puppy carriage. You’re in love with him. You want to have like 400 of his puppies.”

Deja began to blush. She covered her snout with her paws to hide her embarrassment.

“I can’t believe that I’ve gained another pound,” Lexi moaned, stretching and inspecting herself closely to spot where the mystery weight went. “I’m now at double digits. 10 pounds! So disgraceful!”

That’s not so bad, the other girls comforted her. It's not so bad for an Italian Greyhound.

"Enough of this gobbley gook," Gregio said suddenly. "I can't take this anymore. Food fight!"

With that, he began to fling his nuggets across the table. The girls, taking the cue, hurled them back. Pretty soon, the mayhem spread to the other tables and the air began to fill with food and squeals of glee. Like in a hail storm, I ducked under the table but not before getting pegged with an oversized nugget.

"I'm hit!," I yelled "I'm down, I need backup. Never leave a dog on the battlefield. May day! May day!"

All of a sudden, the food stopped flying and the lunchroom was in lockdown. The adults had streamed in and were desperately trying to re instill order. I peeked out from under the table and watched as they marched over to where Gregio and I had been sitting.

"Louie, Gregio, Lexi and Mea," Mr. Bluehorn, the vice principal of the high school, yelped while staring at us each when he said our names. "Report to my office, NOW!"

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oh...they're in the doghouse now.... ohmy.gif
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