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Impeachment Sends Louie to School

Posted by Louie, 03 August 2009 · 590 views

Italian Greyhounds, puppies, dogs, adventures, thoughts, issues
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Whew! What a whirlwind!

After going on a treasure hunt, a road trip, and travelling to Italy as a special envoy for First Dog Bo and the White House, I arrived home in Arizona thinking that I could go back to the life that I left behind. Not so, Delfina told me as I walked in the front door, exhausted and just a bit travel-worn.

See whats happened since youve been gone, Delfina screeched as she held up a piece of paper with official insignia. Youve been absent for so long that Bill Gruber has gotten you impeached and removed as dog catcher. Good going, Louie.

Months earlier, I had been elected as dog catcher. Since then, I had been swept along by events and living life. Whats so wrong with that? Im a party animal. Gruber, the former dog catcher, had found a technical disqualifier that said I must have a minimum educational background. Even though I was home schooled, like most dogs, I needed to have a diploma or some kind of certification.

So just go to school, Mea said. The whole troupe had followed me home. What a loyal group they were. Its not so hard and you should sail right through. You might even like it.

I know just the perfect place! Karma chimed in. You should go to Milk Bone Pickens High. Its really modern and they have all the latest technology. Every dog gets a computer and learns from e-books. Besides, the girls and I want to be cheerleaders!

I started thinking. Hmm, this isnt the worst thing in the world. Besides, did I really want to deal with the dark side of being a dog catcher and see the sordid cruelties I would be exposed to? Im too young to be scarred by the realities of the world. I need to maintain my optimistic youth and hang onto it for as long as possible.

I looked over at Gregio who had his tail between his legs. What did you do, I asked with my eyes.

Will the teacher get mad if Im not potty trained?, he sputtered with a worried look on his face.

We all laughed. Were Italian Greyhounds. Were known for our accidents!

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I wonder if Louis joins a Fraternity? "Higher" education can be fun, to say the least.
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QUOTE (Linda @ Aug 4 2009, 04:51 AM)
I wonder if Louis joins a Fraternity? "Higher" education can be fun, to say the least.

I hear ya. In fact, I was thinking about exploring that idea when they went on a "Road Trip" to make a speech at Porterhouse University. I was going to have all your girls part of a sorority and it was going to be called Delta Omega Gamma (D.O.G.) but that wasn't all too original so I sacked the idea.

This is more along the lines of them going to high school. There should be a lot of good stories with that!
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