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A Love Triangle Forms

Posted by Louie, 27 June 2009 · 540 views

Italian Greyhounds, puppies, dogs, adventures, thoughts, issues
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"Itís more fun riding in a car than chasing them, huh?"

Everyone in the car chuckled at Gregio's reflection except for Lexi. Poor Lexi was reading her comic books and became car sick. As if dogs don't get motion sickness enough, she tried to read while we were driving. We had to pull over because she needed to get some fresh air. If you know what I mean.

"What were you reading anyway?" I asked, glancing at her in the rearview mirror. We had driven over half the distance to Porterhouse University. I was to address the student body and was still putting the speech together in my head.

"Oh, I'm sooooooo embarrassed," Lexi mumbled. She was an aficionado of sorts when it comes to the comic world. She could go on forever about the minutiae and intricacies of characters and their storylines. "I started this new series about Hawkeye. He's part of the Avengers and an archer. You know the Avengers? Started by Iron Man and Captain America?"

"You're such a dork!," Stella barked. All the girls in the back, including Abby, giggled at the ribbing. Lexi just shrugged and swallowed her pride. She still looked green.

"We don't know anything about you Louie," Mea asked meekly. I couldn't get over her eyes. Anyone can trim their eyebrows but truly sexy eyes, the windows to the soul, are hard to come by. Mea had them. "What's your story?"

"I don't really like talking about myself," I said. Which was true. I'm more of a dog that likes to lead by example than by telling others what to do. I guess it's a way to limit any charges of hypocrisy. That's a good line. I have to remember that one. "I'm just a simpleton that believes every dog has his day."

"Ahh, you're an optimist," Mea swooned. She smiled at me and then turned to gaze out the window. "Not too many of those around. Not many at all."

Abby was watching our conversation and I could see the jealousy building up in her. I'm surprised she didn't jump on Mea and wrestle her to the ground like female Italian Greyhounds do. They're usually pretty rough with one another. Zoey and Deja had already wrestled to see who got a window seat. Abby's sorority sisters knew she and I had something going but that didn't stop them from trying to pique my interest.

"Since there's only two boys in the car, we can't play 'Spin the Bone,' Karma said referring to the game where a bone was put in the center and spun and whoever it pointed to had to kiss. "So I say we play 'Truth or Dare! No lying now. I'll go first. Louie, truth or dare?"


"Do you like Mea?," Karma quizzed. "C'mon, you said 'truth.' You gotta tell us!"

An awkward silence settled in the car. Did I answer? Heck no! My reason is that I wanted to prevent a crash. I patted myself on the back for my diplomacy. No pun intended.
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I'm entranced.....it's so sweet wub.gif I can picture it all in my head...but isn't that what good reading is supposed to do?
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