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Sleeping Habits

Posted by KisaMyLoveBug, 05 September 2008 · 733 views

I know that Iggy's like to be in high places but weather I'm laying down or standing, Kisa will lay at the highest point of my body. He tries to Literally climb on top of my head. When I'm laying down he lays on my neck or between my shoulder and head if I'm laying on my side. I do find it funny but at the same time he has woken me up a few times by laying on my wind pipe or scratching my face like he would a blanket to make it more comfortable. Anywho my mother is moving this weekend and is insisting that I do all her packing for her. . . Because I am supposed to love her. BTW he is laying on my head right now. lol.
Till Next Time.
:wub: :American Flag: Ashley

I've said before that I think Mouse is actually part mountain goat!! laugh.gif Enjoy your adventurous pup, but be careful when he gets older - who knows where he'll climb up to.
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He scared the bajeevas out of me today. I put him on the couch so I could go make his food and I heard a loud thud and then heard him running and turned around and he had just jumped off the back of my couch. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt.

American Flag.gif Ashley
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