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Going to School Breeds Adversity

Posted by Louie, 31 August 2009 · 718 views

Italian Greyhounds, puppies, dogs, adventures, thoughts, issues
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“Pssst. Louie, where have you been?”

At this time, everyone had settled in their seats. The classroom was brightly lit by sunshine streaming from the windows and I had luckily snagged a seat near one. Boy, I sure like the sun. However, the downside is that my gaze often settles on the activities going on outside rather than in the room.

“Um, what?,” I replied, startled that anyone was paying attention to me. I gave a quick, curt response. “I was just daydreaming.”

“You better get your head into the game,” Gregio whispered. “This class is going to be tough.”

It was the first day of Milk Bone Pickens High. I was fiercely intimidated by the prospect of being around other dogs in a controlled environment. I’m a pretty fidgety dog so when I have to stay in one place for too long, let’s just say that my attention span is short while my energy level is high. In fact, if I was younger, I would be bouncing off the walls right now. My owners still point to the paw prints left on the ceilings.

“Good morning, class!,” Mrs. Schnoot barked as she trotted into the room. She had been at the school for years and was well-known as one of the best looking Italian Greyhound teachers in the high school. Her fur was always glossy and she even took the time to paint her nails. She looked radiant. I looked over at Gregio and his tongue was hanging out to the side with his tail wagging excitedly. I kicked him to straighten up.

“Welcome to Agility 101, I am Mrs. Schnoot and I will be your teacher,” she said. She began to write her name on the chalkboard but her nails scratched the board, causing some in the room to squirm. “Is everyone excited to be here?”

“Now that you’re here, I am,” a voice in the back of the room said. Everyone giggled at the outburst and turned to see who said it. A large IG wearing a “Ruff DogWear XXXL” t-shirt and chain link color smiled a toothy grin at the reaction he got.

“Hello Max, it’s good to have you back in class,” Mrs. Schmoot sighed disapprovingly. “You’ll make it through the course this semester, right?”

She had stolen the spotlight back from him. The class turned around and faced the teacher. I glanced over at Max to see his reaction and he was steaming in humiliation. He noticed me and growled. I quickly turned away. What had I done?

Mrs. Schnoot asked us to introduce and tell something about ourselves. After that, she passed an outline around the class for what would be covered during the semester. We were going to learn how to use a teeter board, weave poles and even run through tunnels. Cool, this is going to be fun, I thought!

The bell rang and all the students put their backpacks on and scurried to the door to go to the next class. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Max was pacing himself so we would meet at the door.

“So you’re Louie?,” Max growled quietly when we were side by side. “I’ve got my eye on you now. Ha!”

With that, he gave me a shove which sent me tumbling. Mrs. Schnoot was at the front of the door saying goodbye to the students and was startled. She came over and asked me if I was okay. Max was looking at me to see what my reaction would be.

“Sure, I’m fine,” I said as I gathered my belongings and swung my backpack over my shoulder. “I just slipped. No biggie.”

I watched as Max gave a hoarse laugh and continued into the hallway. Boy, this school thing is going to be tougher than I thought. Nobody told me that I would have to learn and deal with getting along with others too!

Missed ya, Louie smile.gif
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I'm back! I had to recharge my creative batteries. I missed you guys too! Thanks for having me!!
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