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Meet Ambassador Louie

Posted by Louie, 05 July 2009 · 562 views

Italian Greyhounds, puppies, dogs, adventures, thoughts, issues
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It is safe to say that upon returning home from my visit and speech to Porterhouse University, that I had hoped for some time to catch up. Maybe a little R & R. Kick up my paws and finish some odds and ends around the house. But sometimes, events happen unexpectedly and catch you flat pawed. This morning happened to be one of them.

"This is the White House calling for Louie," a strange and unidentifiable female voice said on the other end. "I have First Dog Bo here to speak with Louie. Is he available?"

"Omigosh why yes, let me get him for you," Deja said excitedly. Since I was elected dog catcher, she asked to be the office manager and transferred the call to my adjourning office. "Louie, it's First Dog Bo on line one."

"This is Louie," I said, answering the phone while easing into my chair. Why in the world would the dog of the President of the United States be calling me? "How may I help you?"

"Louie, this is Bo, how is everything in Arizona?" he said in his Portuguese water dog accent. "Something has come up and I need you to fill a role for us. There is an opening to be the canine ambassador to Italy and I am pleased to offer you the position. We need an Italian Greyhound so are you interested?"
Wow, what an honor! I was beaming with ethnic pride but then a thought occurred. What does a canine ambassador do and why would I be given the opportunity? I inquired Bo for the reasons.

"You were selected because of your Italian heritage and because you can express the goodwill nature that this Administration wishes to show Italy," he explained, adding that canine ambassador's provide diplomatic communications and relations between the four-pawed populations of each country. "I know you'll do a fine job. Can the President and I count on your support?"

I quickly accepted and explained that I would be bringing an entourage including Deja, Abbey, Gregio and the rest of the girls. Bo said I would be receiving briefing papers via a courier and to be ready to leave soon. We said our goodbyes and I looked through the doorway at Deja. She and the others would become emissaries.

Here we go again! Our adventures are about to go global!!

To read and see more, visit http://louiesdogblog.com
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I KNEW I should have gotten the girls "Rosetta Stone" Italian CDs for Christmas....dang headbang2.gif I better hurry up and help them pack and find their Pup Ports.
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