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The Great Escape

Posted by Louie, 20 June 2009 · 271 views

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"How do you like our city, Louie?" King Winston called out, referring to Whelpsville. The Great Dane was with his entourage and walking through the streets, showing acquiescence to his subjects and giving them nods of approval. I was with Abby at a bookstore, going through used books on the patio. When I saw him, I trotted over.

"It's been interesting," I responded. "I wanted to ask you a question. You said that you were trading the Lost Dutchman's gold on the open market, right? Well, how do you get it to the surface? We're in the middle of the Superstition Mountains."

"Nothing gets past you, does it?" the Great Dane laughed deeply. "Of course we still have contact with the outside world; it's that we just choose to live in the one of our own making. In the past, we had used a train to transport the gold to the surface. It runs on the old miner's rail lines."

King Winston continued to walk down the street with his court. His response got me thinking. I needed to see the sky and be around humans again. Utopia for me was not defined by being separated from the world I know. Canines need humans and vice versa.

After a quick rendezvous with Gregio and Delfina, we went to the city's outskirts to the rail tracks. We walked down them until we came to an old mine cart. Abby remembered seeing Indiana Jones ride one once so we all climbed in. I lifted the break and the cart's wheels creaked as it moved forward. The wind whipped at our faces and it was like sticking our heads out the car window.

It was a rollercoaster of a ride! We zipped back and forth and roared through one cave into the next. Delfina looked back and screamed. It was King Winston and his gang were chasing and getting closer to us. Wow, were they fast!

"Close the gate, close the gate," he yelled. The wall of the cave began to move and close off the light that meant freedom. Steadying our resolve, I had us all lean forward to increase the speed of the cart. We pulled away from the Great Dane pack and the cart popped out of the mountain before the cave sealed. With everyone panting, the cart slowed to a start and Abby looked over at me.

"Let's keep our future adventures above ground, deal?"

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hehe....the picture is a perfect compliment to the story.......
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