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When Adventure Finds You

Posted by Louie, 09 June 2009 · 371 views

Italian Greyhounds, puppies, dogs, adventures, thoughts, issues
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"Hey, what's this over here," I barked as I flipped through Gregio's art collection and pulled a painting out. As a former Greenwich Village bohemian, he wandered the antique stores, bazaars and vintage shops that dotted the neighborhood and collected trinkets and knick knacks. "Did you know that it's peeling?"

"I dunno, I might have picked it up in Soho," Gregio said through teeth that were tightly clenched around a paintbrush. Like an Italian Greyhound, he was standing on his hind legs at an easel, speckled with paint and completing the final touches on his latest canvas. "The frame's killer and you can't find those 'round anymore. Pull it apart. For five bucks, it was a steal."

"I think Arizona's dry heat is having its effect on it," I replied. I peered closer and noticed a lightly veiled paper stuffed behind the painting. I turned it around and carefully began to separate the picture from the frame. With a crackle, a worn piece of paper floated to the ground.

Out of curiosity, Abby and Delfina wandered over to see what the fuss was about. Gregio helicopter flapped his ears and came over too. Lightly sketched on the back was a name and date: Waltz, Jacob c. 1891. Using our paws, we carefully turned it over to find a scribbled trail through a mountain range.

"Cool!" we exclaimed in unison.
"Omigosh!," Delfina gasped. "Jacob Waltz was remembered as the "Lost Dutchman," whose gold mine was never found in the Superstition Mountains. This might be the map to his lost treasure!"
"We're going on a hunt!," Abby said eagerly. "I'll get my things!"

"Wait a minute," Delfina warned. "It's really dangerous up there. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people have searched but found zilch. Granted, they're just humans but its a honeycomb of underground caves and tunnels. It's too risky!"
Abby disappeared and we could hear rummaging noises from the other room. She returned with a mining hat and light affixed to her head.
"It can't be any scarier than the vacuum cleaner," she giggled. "Let's go spelunking!"

To read and see more, visit http://louiesdogblog.com

Karma, Lexi, Stella, Zoey and Mea want to come too! Stella once found her person's diamond stud earring outside in the back yard.
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XD Couldn't be worse than the vacuum. That's a great line there. (Even if Nino just wants to play with ours, much to his people's aggravation)
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