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Fillet, R.I.P.

Posted by Louie, 27 May 2009 · 469 views

The room was silent, filled with a somber air. Everyone wore long faces. Which I guess, on second thought, is easy for an Italian Greyhound.
Lying on the makeshift alter was the inanimate goldfish that once was Fillet. Abby held my paw for comfort. I sobbed softly and blew my nose into a hanky.
"Would anyone like to say any words," Delfina asked while looking at me. Everyone shifted and shot me uncomfortable glances.
"Yes," I mumbled, searching for the strength to find the words. "I have some remarks for the occasion."
I slowly struggled to my feet and shook the weight of the world off. I approached the lecturn, uncrumpled my notes and cleared my voice.
"Prepare yourself you know it's a must," I began. "Gotta have a friend in Jesus; So you know that when you die, He's gonna recommend you, To the spirit in the sky."
I paused and looked over to see Fillet lying there, so peaceful.
"Gonna recommend you, To the spirit in the sky," I continued. "That's where you're gonna go when you die; When you die and they lay you to rest; You're gonna go to the place that's the best."
I returned to my seat and Delfina smiled uneasily at me.
"Was that Norman Greenbaum?," she asked sardonically.
"That was lovely," Abby said while patting the back of my paw. "Just lovely."
We walked over to where Fillet laid and carefully picked up each corner of the tissue he was on. We solemnly marched to the bathroom and let him slide gently into the lavatory. Gregio reached up and hit the lever. With a swoosh of water, our heads circled in unison as we watched Fillet make his final exit.
"That was kinda cool," I said, wiping my tears. "Can I get another?"
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RIP golden Fillet....Louis, you are a true friend. (love that song BTW)
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