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Louie Gets A Pet

Posted by Louie, 24 May 2009 · 260 views

I can't believe it. I can't believe I actually have my own pet now.
As part of my birthday, my owners thought it was time I learned responsibility by taking care of a pet. I already have to pick up my toys and make my bed. Do I really have to feed and ugh, clean up after someone else too?
"Whatcha got there?," Abby asked excitedly. She pranced into the room and looked eagerly at the orange floating creature in the jar. Gregrio and Delfina sauntered in after her.
"Abby my dear, meet Fillet," I said. "He's my goldfish."
"That is so cool!," Abby exclaimed. "How do you talk to him?"
"It's pretty easy," I replied casually. "I put my head in the water and blow bubbles. I can even open my eyes up under water!"

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"Did you read him 'Everybody Poops' like we had to growing up?" Abby asked.
"Like that helped us!" I laughed. "Gawd, I have to scoop his poop. At least I don't have to carry a bag everywhere he goes."
"Dude, you're like earning your bona fides," Gregio said in a voice thick with funk. "Bone-a-fides."
"Yeah, bona fides," I replied. "That's definitely a dog-related term."
"He's skinny, like us," Delfina piped in. "What does he eat?"
"I'm still working on that," I said. "I'm just glad I don't have to give him a bath."
"Well, Sponge Bob has his pet snail Gary," Abby said, referencing Mr. Squarepants. "It's only fair that you have a pet as well."
"As goes Sponge Bob, so goes the world," I sighed. "C'mon, let's go outside and play. Fillet! You stay here and do... um, do whatever fish do."
We all ran outside, tripping over one another in glee. I looked over my shoulder and swore I could see Fillet waving a fin goodbye.

Read and see more at http://louiesdogblog.com

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