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Louie, Esq.- I Believe in You!

Posted by Louie, 29 April 2009 · 306 views

Play with ME! Let's wrestle. Fetch? Walk ME! C'mon, c'mon, C'MON! My insistence had gone unnoticed and fallen on deaf ears. It was morning and I wanted to play. Everyone was rushing to get ready for work. Work, schmurk.

My owners were rushing around, gave me a quick pat and kiss before hustling out the door. For a minute I stared at it, then turned and resigned to my favorite sleeping corner on the couch. The blanket was still in a cave formation from the day before. The tv was still on and my favorite commercial, the Visa one with Mambo Italianocame on. It made me smile.

The next had an attorney solemnly stating he would represent you for some infraction. Bob Laub Law or something. That's fun to say. Bob Laub Law, Bob blah blah. Hee, hee. Wait a minute! Why don't Italian Greyhounds have representation? Maybe I should become a lawyer and represent my brethen and their trampled rights. I started to daydream:

Denied a snack? Call Louie! Need to go outside? Call Louie! Only have 50 toys? That's just a beginning! Hi, my name is Louie and I'm here because for too long, our howls have gone unheard, our needs unmet and our pranks unnoticed. To this I say harumph! Don't want to take a bath? Give me a call. Brush your teeth? No way. Unfettered attention? You deserve it!

Wag your tail a little more: Louie's on your side!

The sun was shining through the window and began to warm the blanket. My eyelids grew heavy and as they shut, I let out a deep sigh. Now I just have to decide if I'll work pro bono or for beefy snacks.

Read more at http://louiesdogblog.com

Louie, my man!! Jackson here and I want to report a major injustice in my house - my family never feeds me!! Well, I mean they do feed me dog food, and it's actually really good, but I am talking about their food - they never give me their food. I am always asking desperately for them to share, and I even show them what a good boy I am by sitting and putting my head on their lap, but I get nothing!! Well, sure I get the occasional scrap that drops from their plate, but how's a dog supposed to live off of just a few scraps?!! This is simply intolerable, Louie and I need your help. Please let me know what we can do!!
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This situation is more serious than I thought. My best advice is to cause a diversion. We IGs are quick on our feet and if you cause a distraction and act fast, you may be able to get a bite or two off the human's plate. It's worked for me before. Just enough to satisfy your palate. It gives new meaning to fast food. Let me know how it works! wink.gif
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