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The Gecko Resurrection

Posted by Louie, 25 April 2009 · 240 views

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I suffered a traumatic experience recently. I didnít want to talk about it because I had faith that it would have a happy ending ó and it did! My beloved geckoís squeeker had popped! My sharp teeth finally pierced my favorite toy and it would no longer squeek.

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What a travesty! I recall the nights when everyone was sleeping and I would run around the house squeeking, like a trumpet. Oh, the memories. Those days, it seemed, had come to an end.

Why not just go out and buy another one from PetSmart, you ask? I tried and they said that they were a promotional item and no longer carried them. With defeat at hand, I slumped home and sought refuge from surfing the Ďnet. It turns out that two sisters in Illinois, at Gollygear.com, carried them. I was so happy and overwhelmed that I ordered two!

They arrived this week and Iím back to squeeking. Who needs to sleep when you have two brand new spanking geckos?

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