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Personality Plus

Posted by Louie, 25 April 2009 · 263 views

Italian Greyhounds, puppies, dogs, adventures, thoughts, issues
Confession: I love TPing!! One of my favorite things to do is sneak into the bathroom, grab the end of the toilet paper and run off. The farthest I have ever gotten is about 30 feet before my owners ended the fun.

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Hey, I like having a good time. Italian Greyhounds are known for their personality. We like to show our personality with facial expressions. Luckily, we have furrowed brows and so when there are wrinkles showing, you know something is going on.

We also like to show our emotion and intelligence with our ears. If theyíre back, that means submission and if theyíre standing out, that shows alertness. If theyíre flopped on top of our head, well, you figure it out.

They say dogs smile with their tails. When my teeth were coming in, I was known to smile and humans would comment on it. Iíve got big canines and if they make my lips go up in a grin, so be it. Does that get me an extra snack?

Iíve also known to throw temper tantrums, like if my toys fall behind the couch. Sure, Iím able to get them but itís more fun to whine and jump up and down for attention. If Iím trying to sleep and Iím bothered by something, I like to groan to show my dissatisfaction. For all this and more, I have personality plus!!

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