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Posted by KisaMyLoveBug, 11 September 2008 · 539 views

So my breeder contacted me today and let me know that TWO of the FIVE puppies she had, have Giardia. I didn't know what this was. I looked it up and it's just a worm. But he can give it to me. He likes to lick my face a lot and I've had to clean up A LOT of his poop and he has gotten diarrhea on my hand. Luckily she told me to take a stool sample to her vet and that she would pay for the antibiotic if he has it. However my mom has a puppy aswell and she could end up getting it also. I'm kinda upset.

:American Flag: Ashley

Jack and Mouse both got Giardia a while back. They picked it up at my in-law's house and it is pretty easily spread between dogs. The only way we knew the boys were sick was that they kept having terrible looking poo for like a week. It's actually kind of hard for vet's to diagnose even with a fecal sample, so just keep an eye on Kisa's poo (I know, awesome job, right?). The antibiotics are not expensive and we fed the boys boiled chicken and rice while they were sick because it is easier on their stomach than the dog food. Good luck, here's hoping Kisa doesn't have it!!
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Oh, and if he does have Giardia, make sure to bleach his entire area (especially the area where he poos) so that he doesn't re-infect himself with it. Ok, that's all for now.
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Thank You Much For The Info, I Don't Think He Has It Because Bear and Ikea Got It After The Other Pups Left. Bear Had Taken A Dip In The Pond In The Breeders Back Yard. . . So They Think That Is How He Got It. Bear Was The Puppy, I Was Going To Get. He Is Adorable.

American Flag.gif Ashley
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I took the poo to the vet and he does have it. Got the meds for him. Is it possible for the dogs to give it to me?

American Flag.gif Ashley
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I was worried about getting it from the dogs when they first had it, but we were fine. I think it's harder to pass from dogs to people than from dog to dog (I think you really have to ingest the bacteria). I would just make sure to wash your hands if you have to clean up any accidents (common sense, I know) and you should be fine. Dogs are always licking themselves and sniffing eachother's butts and stuff, so I think that's why it's easier for them to pick it up. It definitely lives in the environment for a while, so like I said, just be on the lookout for re-infection even months later. Good luck. Let me know if you have any more questions.
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