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Pneumo July 15, 2009

Posted by letumrun, 21 July 2009 · 385 views

For every kiss you have given and every time your tail wagged, every bad mood you have forgiven, the time - too short we had,

run free.

Your life became painful, a decision was made to let you go.
My heart won’t stop breaking, “It was for the best” - yes, I know.

Now you are running, the breeze is your friend,
as I feel it wisp by me I am reminded again,

You’re free.

I can feel the sunshine on my face as I wipe my tears away.
Sunshine now makes your coat glisten as you run, chase and play.
Your life here was simple, you wanted love, and a comfy place to stay.
I gave what I could up to that final day.
Then, when life got too hard I let you slip away.

You were set free

Your worldly journey, now complete.
I whispered “Peace be thine.”
Somehow, I will learn to live with this broken heart of mine.
I feel you in the breeze and sunshine,
and in the gentle summer rain and
I feel you in the the promise of “Till we meet again”.

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