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Rumbly Tummy

Posted by Alexandra, 17 July 2011 · 818 views

So this morning Lacey woke me up with an angry tummy. It was growling and grumbling so loud I could hear it from across the room. We went out for our morning walk and all she could concentrate on was eating grass, which is normal when her stomach gets like this. It happens once a week or so and I don't understand it. Her tummy makes horrible growling sounds, all she wants to do outside is eat grass, and I have to practically coax her into eating her breakfast. She's healthy, she eats just as much as Vito does, her poops are firm and dark in color, so I really don't understand what's with the tummy issues.

I feed them good food. California Natural Small Bites which is what Vito's Foster mommy suggested. When I told her I was feeding Lacey Science Diet she practically rolled her eyes and said "I'd never feed that to my dogs, but it's your choice" so of course I immediately switched... god forbid I feed my dogs something so horribly offensive. They also get a little canned food mixed in (Merrick brand Wing-a-ling... also suggested by the foster mom). Considering they are geting this better food, I figured we'd be all good. Not according to Lacey's stomach though.

I've been playing with the idea since I joined IGW, but this morning made up my mind. Today I made Satin Balls. I made a half batch, which was tons! They were both a little hesitant at first, Vito the piggy that he is managed to eat his w/o instruction, Lacey I had to hand feed it. Vito is a full blown fan... he loves them (so much that I can't serve them to him in ball form or he tries to eat it all in one bite) and Lacey is warming up to them. I'm hoping by providing a raw meat element into their diets they might both get the nutrition they are otherwise lacking.

We'll see. I just feel so bad for my little girl when her tummy is that angry.

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