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About Me

Hi, my name is Steve. I have two IG boys...Buddy (8 1/2yrs) and Taggart (3yrs). I have no "human" children, so my boys are my kids and am constantly made fun of by friends and family for "babying" my dogs and letting them sleep in my bed. I got both of them at pet stores...I know, I know....I honestly didn't even know what a puppy mill was back then. I saw Buddy in a small Mom & Pop pet store in Ft. Collins, Colorado. It was a "redesigned" store in an old house and looked very trusting and "non-corporate". The owner knew a lot about the breed and seemed to be a fan, stating he always keeps one at the store, (if only for himself), from a trusted friend breeder in Kansas. Was he a puppy mill dog? I don't know? He's so lovable, but compared to his "Brother" Taggart, not the brightest bulb. Makes me love him even more!!! Such a kind soul. Everybody loves Buddy...even my late Father, a true "mutt" man, came around...Thanks, Dad!

Now Taggart, I saw at "The Mall"...UUUUGH! But, being a dog lover, it's hard to resist the temptation to look and see if there's an IG puppy I can hold for a little. Can you blame me? I saw him in mid October. We had a nice visit, but, I already had Buddy at home who could be a handful at times. It was hard but I had to put him back in that horrible cage and walk away. I returned to the mall in Dec to do some X-Mas shopping and went to the pet store again and was shocked to see the same little guy. No one was paying any attention to him, (and the store was busy with holiday shoppers!). We had another nice visit. We played in the little room at the store. He kissed me like no one had touched him since I had. I'd like to imagine he remembered me, but, he was probably just happy to be held again. He was noticeably bigger.
After X-Mas my girlfriend at the time, Peggy and I went back to the mall to do the customary returns and exchanges. I had already talked many times about the little "nameless" guy I saw at the mall, so, I was forbidden, (jokingly), to go to the pet store! Eventually, she gave in, being a dog lover herself and off we went. There he was...on the bottom row with no one even looking at him. Now he was even bigger! Almost not looking like a puppy anymore...still very cute though. He had his head tucked under his back leg, shivering and trying to stay warm. It was so sad. After another really nice visit we were again pondering the big decision. I just couldn't put him back in the cage and the store was getting ready to close. Finally, Peggy looked at me and said "Do you want him?", of course I said, "Yes" and she said, "Merry Christmas".....I'll admit on the drive home the reality of having 2 little guys and having to go through the whole potty training thing again set in! But the little licks and kisses made it temporarily go away. He has been a little pistol ever since. He's so loving and loves to lay on his back and have his chest rubbed. We do it every morning. He's a little devil at times. He loves toys that make noises as he kills them and rips their fur off until he has a little "fur" beard! The potty training finally clicked in just about the time Buddy's went out the window due to his seizures and the side effects of the meds. Good timing little guy!
I have people ask if I "Rescued" him. I know what they mean, but, I still say "YES!". 3 months on a metal grate cage, shivering, with no attention? I believe in my heart that I was meant to rescue him from that place. Don't worry...they didn't make any money off me! I can be a smooth talker and explained that, " knowing the breed" I knew he was not in his cute "buy me" puppy stage anymore and getting bigger by the minute. This would be his last chance. Even though we would have paid any price, I kept haggling!! He even remembered me from months before so he knew that I knew how long he had been there in that cage. He wanted to close the store and wanted to get rid of us. Luckily we were dealing with the Manager and we ended up paying a fraction of the "$1,800 they were asking. Please don't give me a hard time about it. I fully understand now about puppy mills. But, sometimes you just have to do what your heart tells you to do. He did end up having worms but they reimbursed me for the vet bills.

As I mentioned, they both sleep in my bed with me...a recent "EX" girlfriend was not too thrilled about it but tolerated it. I love waking up with them in the morning, it's one of my favorite things. Buddy stopped playing with toys a couple years ago...I kind of remember the last time I threw a toy and said "Go get it!" and he just sat there looking at me like, "Seriously?". I walk take them up the street to the fenced baseball field so they can run really fast. I'm home a lot and get to spend a lot of time with them.

About 9 months ago, Buddy fell and banged his head on the floor and has been having violent seizures ever since. I have come here in search of help and suggestions from other IG lovers and hopefully help someone else along the way. He's currently taking Zonisamide after 9 months of Phenobarbitol and Potassium Bromide with no success. He's really been through a tough time with the seizures. They are very violent and hard to witness. Just days ago, (9/17/10), he was really in trouble...almost died from "Bloat" (a result of the excessive hunger/thirst side effect of KBr), and had gas released from his stomach with a tube. To complicate things, I believe he was having an allergic reaction to the honey I was giving him for "blood sugar". It caused him to have gagging and choking like fits, (some say Reverse Sneezing), and to throw up large amounts of thick mucus and bile. Eliminating the honey and putting him on Zonisamide has really brought him back to life. He will always be a seizure dog but I hope that the new Meds combined with his new "Grain Free" diet will help keep them in control. I've also been adding a supplement called "Dr. Ackerman's Epiepsy and Seizure Formula"...has things like Chamomile and St. John's Wort...natural calming things. So far so good.
It has been hard on me as well. A lot of seizure wake up calls at 4am! The lack of sleep adds up. I have been so emotionally wrecked at the thought of losing him. Can't count the tears I've cried. The 1 year anniversary of my Father's sudden death was on Sept 1st and this has brought back a lot of sadness. Miss you, Dad.

Me? Who cares about me? Ok....I live near the South Jersey Shore, (Not the one on MTv), I'm just outside of Wildwood and Cape May. I make a living singing and playing acoustic guitar in restaurants and bars. I use the stage name "Johnny's Cousin Steve" (yes, I have a cousin Johnny and no you don't know him - lol). If you want to hear me, I have recordings posted at http://www.myspace.c...nnyscousinsteve

Thanks for reading this...if you got this far, that is.

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