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Whatdya mean "Work Weekend"?

Posted by Shaana, 26 August 2007 · 839 views

Today my parents made me slave away at yard work ..

Here I am gathering up the dead palm fronds ..
Posted Image

Mom and Dad said I was lollygagging .. and that I'd better start earning my keep around here .. or someone was gonna get a swooft kick in the butt ..
Posted Image

Sometimes this work was really hard .. cause I'm a little guy ya know .. and these slave drivers really had me wanting to call the 'canine child labor board' in Palm Beach County...
Posted Image

See? Told ya this stuff is too big for a kid my size!
Posted Image

Okay! Okay! I'm hurrying! Let me get a good hold of it!
Posted Image

Sheesh! Every time they want me to hurry .. they say "Don't run with THAT in your mouth"! .. Well heck .. I can't even pick this one up!
Posted Image

This junk really is a poor man's answer to buying their pet toys!
Posted Image

I plead "the 5th" ...
Posted Image

Time for a break in our jobs!
Posted Image

Let it be noted .. that I hate work weekends!
Posted Image

Regards all,


That Fin is sure a hard worker. He is a one dog yard maintenance crew. He cleans up, he retrieves, he shreds, and the mulches, and during all of this I'm pretty sure that he fertilizes too.

What a good boy!! I'm hoping that you are going to tell me that he plays with toys and you just like he plays with his palm fronds!

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ADORABLE IMAGES! Those fronds must be a blast for Fin to play with.
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Fin is a cutie! I fall in love and swoon over every iggie I see.

Tell me...does he have a loud scream like a small child? My iggie screams horribly when he's in pain-fortunately, it's only been a few times in his 10 years but I'll NEVER forget.

Loved the fishing lure story...
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