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Training Miko! (Entry #2)

Posted by Alessia, 04 June 2012 · 2,269 views

We've added new words.

His newest commands are...
"Off" = take mouth off my hand if he's accidentally mistaken me for a chew toy, or trying to take something out of my hand (i.e. a treat)
"Place" = go sit on the pillow/placemat that I point to
"Bow" ... still in progress. I click at the exact moment, but he still goes into a down after the click. At the next session I will try to click at the bow, and give treat in a stand.

We've modified "Leave It" to extend to more than just treats, but also to shoes and other objects he shouldn't be chewing on.

We've increased the distance between me and the crate for the command "Crate," so that he will go to his crate from a further distance.

Complete list of command so far:
Sit, Stand, Jump, Touch, Spin, Down, Crate, Leave It, Out, Come, Let Go, Off, Place, Bow.

As of July, Miko and I will be enrolling in the AKC Obedience classes, which are once a week. These are FAR better than pet store training classes. They will probably cover behaviors that Miko has already learned, but it will get him exposed to new dogs and situations, and learn to perform in more distracting conditions.

We've been working on leash training, which is going fabulously. He rarely pulls ahead, preferring to stay right at my heel. This was easy to establish, since puppies' natural instinct is to follow. Even if we're off-leash inside the house, he follows at my heel. Once he gets vaccinated next week, we'll be able to take leash training outside.

Phil arrives this coming Friday, so hopefully he'll be able to video record me and Miko doing his new tricks. Posted Image

You are doing awesome work with Miko! Fin says for you to disregard my previous comment on FB about me wanting you to clicker train Fin... hahahaha!
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