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Food, Clothes, and Evil Kitty

Posted by , 09 September 2007 · 166 views

Another week gone by ... school went well this week. The instructor said we were all doing much better - better focused. Whatever. I got treats and Mom was happy with me. :innocent:

My tummy's been upset the last couple of days. At first Mom thought it might be because she's been dragging me around all over and outside. Now, she fusses at me for sneaking Gator's food. She got a box of food for Gator from the same place as where she gets my puppy-crunchies. She mixed up some for big brother to try. He's weird. He turned his nose up and left it. But that's okay. I finished most of it up for him. Boy, was it good! Boy, was I full!

Since Gator doesn't like it and since I'm not as excited about my other food as I am about sneaking cat food, Mom says I can have the gravy foods. I don't mind that, but she won't let me have the cat food, so I have to sneak that and the tidbits out of Gator's bowl. Mom says that's why my tummy's all weird. ... I don't believe her. How can something that tastes so good make your tummy all sick and icky?

The Evil Kitty has been really mean this week. How can she possibly be mad about my invitations to play? ... I don't know either, but she hisses and growls and smacks me if I get too close. So, I bark at her louder. :dribble:

I'm getting new "clothes" soon. Mom says it'll make me feel warmer. I know it was sure chilly most of this morning. When Mom got up to do laundry, I nearly froze sitting in the hallway, waiting for her to finish and make a lap on the couch again. Luckily, it didn't take her long to do the laundry and get back to the couch. Nice, snuggly blankies and extra body heat ... there's nothin' like it!

Until next week!
Benny Black-toe

he is SO cute! I got mine at a year old so missed the puppy cuteness -- never even seen an IG puppy in person! sigh. I'll bet he's a blast :-)
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