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Week One

Posted by , 03 September 2007 · 169 views

This first week has been busy!

Shortly after arriving, I became Benny and started teaching my new parents my name. Puppy Kindergarten started with four other classmates. At home, there's a demon-possessed cat the same age as me. He was a little intimidating at first. Now we take turns kicking each other's butts. Mom intervenes periodically just when things are getting fun. She says it's to keep us from killing each other. All because sometimes he gets a claw in my neck or I get a tooth in his neck.

I have a big brother. They call him "Gator." He seems to like me okay, but he sure does growl a lot when I try to lick his face. I like playing with him even though he still scares me a little.

I met my doctor this week, too. He talked to Mom about "neutering." I don't know what it is, but it can't be too bad. Mom wants me and Sebastian to get ours at the same time. I'm not so sure about that part they talked about - "recovering together" sounds creepy.

Since school started, we've had homework. I've been learning to sit and come. I'm not entirely sure what Mom wants when she says "down," but I must be doing okay 'cause I still get my treats.

It's been a big week and I'm sure there are more adventures coming my way.

-Benny Black-toe

oh, duh. I figured out I have to "publish" the blog for others to see it. Then I published them backwards. :/ The second entry (this one) is actually the first one. Hopefully, I have this figured out now.
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