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Fenced in

Posted by ColorificIG, 14 June 2008 · 802 views

Mom's Blurbs...
It has been far longer than we expected...

Yesterday the yard got its fence. We're the first on our block to enclose ourselves in and the HOA approved a lot space larger than the usual 10 foot privacy fence allows. We expect the town homes behind us to be built in the next few months - if they sell a single lot, it means full speed ahead on construction. We desperately needed the security and safety of the fence before the workers broke ground.

Admittedly, it's not a huge yard, but the color boys have enjoyed their two days of scenting, hunting , and chasing leash free.

Grigio immediately sought the exit point and stood at the locked gate trying to figure out how to unhook the latch. :blink: Bleu spent awhile walking the perimeter, occasionally barking to claim the new space. :dribble: Nero was surprisingly nervous to be out in the new space, and he stayed pretty close to me with his ears in helmet position. :innocent:

I'm pretty pleased with the enclosure too. It means Laura has a safer play area. And of course, it means I'm not being pulled in three directions or being tripped and tangled in leashes. I can do solo walks around the neighborhood and allow all three to play outside (under hawk alert security, of course)! Couldn't come at a better time, with summer break starting and our newest boy is scheduled to arrive late August- early September.

Congrats on the new baby boy!!
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