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Mommy beat us... this time...

Posted by ColorificIG, 10 January 2008 · 453 views

Grigio Gossip
Gri here :innocent:

Ma thought she had something to prove. Came home today from an extended game of peek a boo she plays everyday, and called us boys to go outside. It was raining! And, it was sooooooo cold outside. I guess she didn't think we needed one of those pop up things with the spikes that stops the cold water falling. And as soon as Bleu did his business, she cheered "Good Boy" and ushered him inside. I tried to slip in too, but she held my leash and stopped me. Then to make matters worse, she kept telling us to "Go poo". I've no idea what that means, but she says it every time we go out. Next, Nero got his "Good Boy" and I realized I'd still be getting wet if I didn't find my spot soon. I tried so hard to shake real bad, to crouch low for warmth, to pounce on her to make her go inside (she does that quick when my feet are yucky and she's in her fancy stuff). Nothing was making her let us inside. But as soon as she said, "Good Boy Greeee geeeh ooooo" she almost ran to the door to go inside. Guess she got us this time.

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