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Christmas HOWL'ling

Posted by ColorificIG, 01 January 2008 · 445 views

Mom's Blurbs...
I'm all for a nice Christmas carol. Silent Night, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, O Come All Ye Faithful... these are all excellent choices. But Nero and Gri know none of these. Instead, they serenaded guests with a chorus of moaning and yelps that reverberated through the sun room they call theirs. There's not a door separating them from the house guests, and so the pitiful protests about being kenneled created an ear-shattering backdrop to the usual holiday gift exchange and conversational festivities. :innocent: :dribble:

Truthfully, I'd have loved them to have free reign of the house... but they tend to jump on people and furniture (despite protests) and a few members of the extended family aren't amused by their desire to be amongst the "pack".

Better luck next year, I guess... Maybe if they go through obedience boot camp I'll have my whole family free to enjoy family affairs.

--Colorific IG

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