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Faith's Second Birthday!

Posted by About Time IGs, 15 September 2008 · 1,377 views

:wub: :American Flag: Today is Faith's Second Birthday! :jump: :hug:

After a life that started out with a broken neck at 8 weeks, being paralized and unable to stand or walk, and no viable surgery options or realistic chance of recovery, just surviving, healing, and learning to walk and run again is an incredible accomplishment. Now at two years old, healthy, happy, and completly recovered with full mobility - she is a very special part of my every day! I never dared to dream that she would today be the happy full-of-life bundle-of-joy that blesses me every day I am graced with her presence!

I think the best part of Faith's life is her bond with our new baby girl, Hope. Right from the beginning, Faith has bonded with Hope and decided this is 'her' baby and she takes great care to watch over her. We put down hardwood floors in our livingroom before Hope was born, so I bought a big fluffy dogbed so I have a clean soft spot to lay Hope down sometimes without being on the hard floor. Faith, as usual, has to be right there anytime Hope is not being held - watching over 'her' baby. Ended up being a naptime together for the both of them. Had to grab the camera and share!

Attached Image: Naptime.jpg

If you have not yet seen the Amazing story of Faith's Miracle, be sure to visit her website: www.JustALittleFaith.com!
You can also check out her BLOG and GALLERY here on IGW!

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Happy birthday Faith! You look fabulous smile.gif
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I just discovered this Blog portion of IGW and saw this blog. Happy Birthday Sweet Faith! and YOUR little baby Hope is adorable! My son just recently had a son and Vince (not Sambuca) has taken to little EJ so much and will follow from place to place ANYONE who is holding him! It's cute to see!

Many, many, many more Happy Birthdays little one and take good care of your little Hope!!!

Sandy & Vince
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That is AWESOME!
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You need to publish a book about Faith!!! What an inspiration that little girl is. You are so blessed to have such a beautiful IG and she is blessed to have a mommy that cares so much for her.
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Just A Little Faith!

Faith's "Story" is one that never should have existed. By all rights, her story should have been over almost as soon as it began...

"Once upon a time there was a puppy.
The puppy had an accident and broke her neck.
She was given no chance of recovery, and was put to sleep."

End Of Story.
(or at least it should have been)

Faith's story though, is a bit longer than it should have been (by all rights).
Her story is being written daily, and is a story of determination, faith, hope, and miracles! We invite you to join in sharing her journey, and cheering for a little girl who just refuses to give up!

See the miracle of Faith's Story at www.JustALittleFaith.com
and share in Faith's daily updates here in her blog!

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