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Tony's life history for the past six months.

Posted by igandwhippetlover, 22 September 2007 · 410 views

You have no idea what we have been through over the last six months with Tony. It all started in April and started out with throwing up and diarrhia. Tony went to an e-vet who at the time we thought was a good one. Tony was in the hospital for a week. He had IV's, blood work drawn, plasma given to him, and a thin needle biopsy done. The biopsy was bad as far as the fact it showed nothing and that he died on the table because of to much anesthesia. They brought him back to life. We were sent home with Tony and several antibiotics and vitamin K. He also had to take milk thistle as well. At this time when Tony went in his ALT was 2200.

Our vet switched us over to Denamarin 225 mgs. instead of milk thistle. It has milk thistle in it but other things as well. Over several months we had blood work done on Tony every month. By how he hated the vet!

In June of this year, we rushed him to a new e-vet because of Tony's belly being distended from a build up of fluid. The fuild was ascites. Not a good sign. This e-vet was an internist who did an ultra sound on Tony.
After the ultra sound, he came in and told us that Tony's liver was small and that it had a mass on it as well as cirrhosis of the liver. He hated to inform us that Tony was terminally ill, but would not give us a time frame as to how long Tony had left.

Our vet requested we do a new ultra sound as Tony's ALT had come down to 190. The month before it was 170. She said it would fluxuate from month to month. But that all other liver emzymes were back to normal. As well as the rest of his blood work.

Now today, we had a new ultra sound done. The vet that did it read allthe paperwork we had on Tony and at the time of talking to us, he did not expect it to be good. Maybe a little better but not much. After doing the ultra sound, he came out to talk to us. His words were I can not believe my eyes. The ultra sound looks good. Yes, he does have a small liver than he should have, but the liver looks good. We asked, does he have cirrhosis of the liver and does he still have the mass that showed up on the last one. He said, NO to both! Tony does not have cirrhosis of the liver anymore nor does he have the mass either.

He said, I don't know what you have been doing for this dog, but keep it up! You have done great with your dog. He is doing great! He said we do not have to do another ultra sound unless down the road it is needed. He did recommend that we keep up with Tony's blood work to be on top of it all the time. As we can have ups and downs with his liver.

There are no indications that Tony has liver shunt. The blood vessels in the liver look good. His kidneys and spleen are fine. Nothing wrong with any of them.
With all this good news the last thing he told us is: Tony is no longer terminally ill! And said the first e-vet did the right thing by not giving him a punch biopsy. Tony would have died because he was so ill. Thank you Jesus for stopping that type of biopsy.

We spent over 6000.00 on Tony. But we have to say this is the best money we have ever spent on anything in our lives, and we would do it again in a heartbeat!

Praying for the best news, while we waited for Tony, we went to Wal-mart and got him a pirate outfit for Halloween. He is going to look so cute.

We are praising God and Jesus for all of this. As we have prayed constantly to both for Tony's health. And they answered all our prayers today! Thank you God and Jesus. Blessed be your names. As we are nothing without you!

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