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This week

Posted by igandwhippetlover, 20 September 2007 · 420 views

This week has had its ups and downs. My back and leg is the down part.
My "ups" are my babies.
Raffie, Tony and Angel last night stayed real close to me when I was in so much pain that I could not move to get out bed. It was as if they knew I was having a terrible time.
My husband found out this week that Gabbie knows the word "UP". When you say it to her she stands on her back legs and wants to be picked up. I have been working on this with her. She is doing really great at this.
Angel tonight was in the living room and I got up to go to bed and I said, "Bedtime", and I was amazed by her, she went straight to her bedroom. Gabbie got on the recliner and I picked her up and she went to bed.
Rafael, is a mystery dog. Ha Ha. You never know what he is going to do. The one thing you can count on is if you sit down on the couch, he will come and sit right beside you and go to sleep.
Tony loves to curl up under the sheets on the couch. And when you go to bed, you have to pick him up. He will not follow you like the others. He wants that extra attention. He does take his pill as if it were a treat.
Lance that you do not know about very much, because he is our whippet, is a very quiet and loving dog. He is known as pup pup at our house.
My babies give me so much love, joy and laughter. I would not change my lifestyle for anyone else's.

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