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Member Since 29 Sep 2007
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Blog Entries

the Color Pups > Nero calms down

Posted 24 September 2008

Nero came to meet baby Yadon... he leaps onto the bed, bows a few feet from the new addition, and sniffs.  Then he crept closer while studying my reaction to his approach.  Perhaps the  dogs can visit baby Ya more often.  :American Flag:

the Color Pups > Welcoming a new man to the house...

Posted 17 September 2008

Nero and Grigio have had an interesting month... with Mommy and Chi home for the summer, they have had full days in the newly-fenced backyard.  They have watched construction crews begin to build the townhomes directly behind our lot.  They have dominated over poor Bleu who just doesn't have the Iggy spunk (or leg height) to be in charge.  And...

the Color Pups > Fenced in

Posted 14 June 2008

It has been far longer than we expected...

Yesterday the yard got its fence.  We're the first on our block to enclose ourselves in and the HOA approved a lot space larger than the usual 10 foot privacy fence allows.  We expect the town homes behind us to be built in the next few months - if they sell a single lot, it means full speed...

the Color Pups > No cure for the hairless

Posted 28 May 2008

For several months now Grigio has been losing the hair down his spine and up to the base of his tail.  I suspected it was an allergic reaction to my cleaning supplies... Lysol? The anti itch shampoo? We stopped using everything, but the hair did not return.  A few suggestions for a cure were proposed, but it turns out Gri is a...

the Color Pups > AKC, Class and Pregnancy

Posted 21 May 2008

This is from the both of us...

Mommy made us official with the AKC people.  We don't know what that means, except she was real proud to get these paper things in the mail.  Didn't look like much to us.

Nero is in puppy obedience class... and mommy doesn't think he's doing well.  Weeks 1-4 were great, with Nero quickly learning to...