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No cure for the hairless

Posted by ColorificIG, 28 May 2008 · 1,819 views

Mom's Blurbs...
For several months now Grigio has been losing the hair down his spine and up to the base of his tail. I suspected it was an allergic reaction to my cleaning supplies... Lysol? The anti itch shampoo? We stopped using everything, but the hair did not return. A few suggestions for a cure were proposed, but it turns out Gri is a classic case of some dilute disorder known as Color Dilution Alopecia.

According to the IGCA,

CDA is characterized by loss of hair from dilutely pigmented areas. Coats are normal at birth, and onset of hair loss usually begins between six months and three years of age. Hair loss usually begins along the dorsal midline (middle of the back) and often spares the head, tail and limbs. The pattern seems to vary from breed to breed. The hair loss may be total or partial and any remaining hairs are usually sparse, rough and easily broken or removed. The skin in the affected areas is usually scaly and may occasionally develop bacterial infections. Pruritus (itching) is usually absent, unless a bacterial infection has set in.

All that's left to confirm the condition is a final skin test. But as we've resolved issues of malnutrician (Nero eats the same diet, same amount and is healthy), it doesn't seem like the balding is coming from anything else.

Aww, sorry to hear poor Grigio is loosing his hair!! I looked into CDA briefly when I was concerned about Mouse loosing some hair on one of his legs and his tail. Luckily, most of the hair grew back, so we knew that wasn't it. I hope Grigio's skin is ok, we don't want him getting any infections. Poor pup, keep us posted!!
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I can totally relate. But....I have found the answer to Deja's constant scratching and the thinness of her fur, also on her back to her tail. Since I've gotten my pups from Laura, I have only used the TheraNeem Shampoo...love it...but it still wasn't enough to help Deja with whatever was making her scratch and bite herself. On day, a few months ago as I was on with Organixsouth to order more shampoo, I asked about the
Thera Neem "Superctitical CO2 Extract of Neem" a tiny little gel pearl with concentrated neem. The girl on the phone told me that she has used it on her cat, giving it every other day, for skin problems. Well, I thought it was worth a shot. I got the box of 60 softgel caps and started to give her one every other day. Within a week, I noticed that she was not scratching or biting as much. Fast forward almost 3 months...she doesn't bite or scratch anymore and her fur has completely grown in. I know that Blues tend to have a skin thing....but after seeing what this product has done for her, I'll keep her on it 4ever. I now give it to Zoey, who is recovering from hip surgery.
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