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From point A to point IG

Posted by Alexandra, 16 July 2011 · 702 views

Italian Greyhounds aren't exactly the most common breed of dogs, and I always find it interesting to learn how people got introduced to the breed. I figured I'd take the next few minutes to explain my story. My boyfriend Gary and I have always wanted a dog, but the apartment we used to live in didn't allow them. We always used to talk about the day we'd move someplace out and get one. I always wanted a Boxer. My mom has a box who I picked out and helped raise and he's the best dog in the world so it was no surprise that I wanted one. Here's a photo with him a few years ago for Halloween, he was my "evil flying monkey" from Wizard of Oz
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Gary is very much a dog lover and didn't have demands like I did, but he preferred Labs and Beagles. I know that Labs are great dogs, but I find their personalities to be a little... generic [I love my master, I love everyone, throw the ball, throw the ball, ball...ball...ball... WATER] Just not for me. Beagles are sweet but they have that obnoxiously loud bark/howl/bay that they do which just doesn't work for apartment/condo living. We didn't really talk about breed specifics though mainly because we weren't in a position to get a dog. So last Fall we decided we were going to buy a house. Our budget was really tight (we're practically poster children for those foreclosure commercials you see on TV "Why rent when you can own for less?" because in South Florida it is so much cheaper to own than rent) so in order to find something that fit our wants and needs we ended up buying a townhouse. The looking process began in Sept. and we didn't close until March. It was a hellacious process which I wrote all about in my other blog Homeowner Adventures.

Our HOA has a pet weight limit of 25lbs so we could forget about getting a Boxer. We went back and forth on what we were going to get. I didn't want a yappy dog, so I was interested more in a Pug or Boston Terrier... Gary isn't a fan of the squashed faces or funny breathing sounds we were coming up empty. That was when Gary suggested an Italian Greyhound. I knew of the breed... close friends of the family had two daughters who ended up falling in love with the breed (one daughter got a rambunctious little boy and her sister got two very timid little girls) but I went off to college shortly thereafter and only got to meet the dogs on a handful of occasions.

I admit, I was hesitant at first. They look so fragile, especially compared to a big solid Boxer or even a stocky pug, I feared I wouldn't want a dog so breakable. And they are so thin, I wasn't sure I wanted to cuddle with a dog that was all skin and bones. So the research began. We read every word on every website, we watched videos, and ultimately... we looked at petfinder every single night. The first IG we fell in love with, the one who had eyes so full of soul and fun and love was a rescue named Spock. I'm happy to say that Spock was not on Petfinder very long and that the Florida IG Rescue placed in within a few weeks. The most important thing is that the seed was planted. So every day I searched Petfinder. Gary and I fell in love over and over with different dogs all who eventually found homes.

So we finally closed on our house on March 30, 2011. On April 13 I see this little girl with big eyes and big ears at a rescue less than a mile from our home. I send the link to Gary and he responds with "She's cute!" so the next day we went to meet her, how could we not with her so close to home. She was terrified of everything but especially of Gary. He's 6'6" and for a pup who already hates men, she thought he was the scariest thing in the world. Our response "she'll learn to love us" and the next day she came home with us. We didn't want a mix. We wanted an IG. I didn't want a timid girl, I wanted a bold boy. But we fell in love. So that's how Miss Lacey took over our house. Here we are at Peggy Adams picking up our little girl.
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A few weeks later we learn from a fellow resident of the community that some new rules were about to get voted into effect which would change some of the pet rules in the community. You see, the rules say only 1 dog under 25lbs allowed, but we noticed a number of people with two dogs, and even someone with a big Lab. I guess the rules were never able to be enforced, so people just got two dogs and said "screw it". The new rules would make the 1 dog rule enforceable. But here's the kicker, anyone who has two dogs prior to the rules going into effect will be grandfathered in for the lifetime of the dogs. Gary and I looked at each other... at this moment it was essentially "now or never". If we wanted two dogs we had exactly 10 days to adopt or we wouldn't be able to get one until we moved. We had no choice really, we wanted two dogs. We already had our eye set on Vito. You see, I still checked Petfinder every night. An application and frantic email was sent to Florida IG Rescue and within a week, Vito was ours. Here he is on my lap for the car ride home.
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So there you have it. The story of how we ended up with our two babies. We want more, of course we do. I like to think our next Iggy will be a "normal" Iggy. Not a Chihuahua mix or such a big boy that half the world thinks he's a Whippet, but a small, bouncy, adorable Iggy. Of course I know better than anyone that as much as I can imagine what our next dog will look like, I know it'll just be the first one to steal our hearts. It will be a few years down the road, when we're financially ready to upgrade to a house with a yard.

And that is how our family came to be. In a little over 5 weeks we bought our first home, moved, and adopted 2 dogs. We're only a little crazy. :wave:

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