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Posted by AnIGma, 26 July 2012 · 2,182 views

Last night we went to pick up Harry from the foster mom. I have decided to call him Harry after my late father. I always liked that name. It's not short for "Harold" contrary to popular belief.

Foster mom gave me two bags of stuff for him. Two bags of treats, coats, harnesses, toys, and numerous collars! Nice looking collars but only one is a martingale. Last night I was walking Harry with a non-martingale and almost lost him when he spooked at something. Now he wears the martingale. That's what I did with my greyhounds, martingales only.

Harry is petrified of people. He quivers and shakes when handled. He spent the night in his crate, which was fine. We've had three walks so far and he gets along fine with my Chihuahua, Fifi. Thunder the cat gave him the sniff-over a couple of times and then wandered off. Fifi was trying to get Harry to play this afternoon but he was having none of it. It's been a battle to keep him from hiding under the furniture. I don't want him to live under my furniture. However, I have no problem with him hiding in his crate if he's scared, this way I can see what he's up to and get him out easily if I need to.

I sometimes worry if I will ever be able to tame this dog. But, it's only been less than a day! I just have to keep reminding myself that these things take time. Harry is eating and drinking; if he was totally traumatized he wouldn't do those things. I've started stashing a few treats in his crate when he's not there, to encourage him to go there when he's scared. I've tried hand-feeding treats but Harry isn't "there" yet, he mouths them but won't eat them unless I put them in his crate for him. I will keep working on this. I also take him out and put him either on my lap or my bed, and stroke him until he stops shaking. He bolted on me once this afternoon, right under the couch. I left him there for a while then brought him back out for awhile before putting him in his crate with some treats.

Harry is a lovely boy and I'm really glad I have him, and I look forward to the day he will learn to trust me! In the meantime, I'm glad I have Fifi - she is a velcro dog and full of affection, and makes me feel better with some dog-love when I feel down.

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