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FLEAS! and E-Vets

Posted by OKIgglets, 05 February 2010 · 1,665 views

So I saw 2 FLEAS on my couch a few days ago!!!! so I instantly run to the kitchen where I have some left over flea medication from living with Daniel's parents. All the cats, the ferret, and both the dogs. Well about 10 hours after application Panga woke up in the middle of the night and she couldn't breathe. It didn't sound like asthma is sounded like she couldn't get the air in or out of her throat. we both shot out of bed. and babied her to death. she wouldnt lie in bed or go to sleep for the rest of the night. She tried to sleep in the closet so we moved the heat lamp in there and her bed. poor thing.. turns out that she was allergic to the flea medication and I had to stay home with her all day to make sure that her throat didn't close up. the vet said that there was nothing that they could do for her besides shoving an oxygen tube down her throat. so we washed the stuff off as instructed and gave her some baby benadryl. She was much better about 24 hours later. I'll never use flea medicine on my girls again! I haven't seen a flea since though =)

oh...that's scarey. IG's have very thin skin and absorb anything that is applied to their skin..more so than other breeds. If you want to use a natural product that helps keep the bugs/fleas off...try a good Neem Shampoo...it won't dry the skin out either. The one I use is called TheraNeem...I order it online...by OrganixSouth
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I have always had good luck with sentinel. It is an oral medication that works by breaking the life cycle of the flea. A person could see a transient flea, but since they would be unable to reproduce, you should never have an infestation. I have used it for many years with no problems. I don't like topical flea medication because I have seen so many side effects when I worked as a technician and veterinary manager. I also worry about my kids coming into contact with topical products too. Sentinel also prevents some types of intestinal parasites and heart worms, so it's nice to only give one medication. And it has been on the market for a very long time, which gives me more confidence that there are no long-term side effects that haven't been discovered. Hope it helps!
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